Culturally-Conscious Death Companionship

for Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and all dying allies

Culturally-Conscious Death Companionship

for Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and all dying allies

We work with the time-honored perspectives and practices of traditional healers.

With deep listening and presence, we hold space for folks in times of transition.

We are death positive. We see and celebrate death as a natural part of life and seek to eradicate the silence around death-related topics.

We are committed to dismantling homophobia, racism, and marginalization in end-of-life care.

Your last wishes are our commitments.

We are Batul True Heart and Melissa Reyes.

We are traditional healers, community herbalists, and death companions. We are Indigenous and Queer. We each bring over 20 years experience working with various healing modalities, training with elders and mentors, exploring our own experiences of ancestral loss and reconnection, teaching, and holding ceremonial space for our community.

We are committed to advocacy and supporting our people to understand their options and feel a sense of respect, honor, and dignity as they navigate this journey. Although we know death cannot be cured, we believe that when given the proper conditions, the end of life can be a healing experience for everyone involved.

- Batul & Melissa

Bay Area End of Life Services

Navigating the death of a loved one and/or preparing for your own end of life can feel overwhelming and bring up many different emotions. We honor each individual's experience and journey with this process and are here to support you along the way.

We have a variety of offerings and services that you may choose from and can also work with you to put together packages to meet your specific needs. 

end of life advocate

End of Life Planning

Whether it's documenting someone's preferences around medical treatment and body disposition or putting together a creative project to share your legacy with loved ones after you are gone, we can help with a wide range of details in end of life planning.

death ceremonies

Sitting Vigil & Death Ceremonies

Sitting vigil is being with a dying person. It can include reading, singing, and offering gentle touch. We provide relief for loved ones who are sitting vigil or join in the process. We can also help you with ceremony to honor someone immediately after their death.

support for grief and loss

Grief & Loss

We believe that grief has no timeline. We honor that grief can be complicated and do not make any assumptions about one’s experience. We trust that feeling pain is how we work through it. We can provide spiritual support and guidance before, during, and after losing a loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions

end of life testimonial

Batul and Melissa's presence, support, and advocacy helped to center and uplift the sovereignty, dignity, and sacredness of my beloved elders last breath. The wisdom and insights they generously and skillfully shared helped to shape and deepen my relationship to the process of dying and death. As a result, I will forever cherish and respect the life and death-honoring work they offer to the world, to liberation, and to the ancestors!

Batul and Melissa came to do a limpia at one of my workplaces and it was such a blessing to our community. They both brought such care and intention into the ceremony. They hold space with a grounded presence and bring their full selves to this work. The ritual of the limpia had a profound impact on me. I was able to release strong emotions and bring hope and prayers into our workspace. It was a beautiful and powerful process.

After Melissa and Batul came to do a limpia at my work place the space felt transformed. Not only did the ceremony clear and recharge the space we work in, it also brought us together as co-workers. Even weeks after, the effects of the ceremony are still providing medicine of protection as well as strengthening deeper connections. I feel that anyone who is called to work with them will benefit from their connection to this medicine.

“My heart will eventually leave just like the flowers that bloom fleetingly? How will my heart do it? At least with songs! At least with flowers!”


Are you or a loved one ready to be guided and supported through your end of life journey?